What’s a MedSpa doing in a dental office?

Early this year, The Art of Skin, a MedSpa run by LaDonna Marie, joined Dr. Stuart Rimes, a dental Prosthodontist, at their offices in Sugar Land Town Square. You may wonder what a skin care service has in common with a dental office, but let’s just stop and think about this for a second.

Dr. Stuart Rimes, a Prosthodontist is an artist of sorts. Yes, he is a dentist performing teeth cleanings and repairing cavities with fillings, however he is much more than that. Dr. Rimes has mastered the art of repairing damaged or missing teeth, restoring and improving them with implants, crowns, bonding, veneers, dentures, whitening and even addressing problems like TMJ. His work improves a smile in every way and adds to a person’s confidence and beauty.

LaDonna Marie joins Dr. Stuart Rimes' Prosthodontist practice in Sugar Land Town Square with skin servicesIn this way, these two businesses are very much alike. LaDonna and her partner, Taylor, have mastered the art of aesthetic skin services that tone, tighten, hydrate, plump and smooth skin to restore a youthful appearance.

Upclose magazine recently did a story on LaDonna’s practice. View it here.


Dr. Stuart Rimes is a Prosthodontist dental practice offering dental implants, aesthetics and reconstructive dentistry at their offices located at15958 City Walk, #230, Sugar Land, TX 77479 in Sugar Land Town Square. For more information or to book services, call (281) 313-1565 or visit https://rimesdds.com.