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Our Practice Philosophy

The art and science of Prosthodontics, of restoring and rehabilitating mouths to full function and effectiveness, begins with the treatment of people. That’s why we treat people first. People are typically referred to us by other dentists, physicians and healthy patients. We concentrate on adult care, from single crowns to dentures to full mouth rehabilitations.

Invest in Excellence

You have the right to ask for, and receive, the finest therapies and advice that contemporary dental science offers. We invest in excellence and want to provide you with the results. The excellence you should expect, and the lasting benefits that will ensue, require an open and continuous exchange of information about your unique dental requirements and personal image.

We Welcome You

As we begin this important relationship, we emphasize our joint responsibility in establishing positive dental health. Your dental care is a team effort. We will bring all our knowledge and skills, and ask, in return, for your full involvement in revitalizing and maintaining your healthy mouth. We welcome you and sincerely appreciate your confidence.

Dr. Stuart Rimes and Staff.