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We Pride Ourselves in Focusing on Patient Comfort in our Sugar Land Offices

When you enter our office, we want you to feel like you are a guest in our home. This feeling is reinforced as you are greeted by our friendly staff. We can also offer you any one of a number of beverages as you become acquainted with our office.

As you relax in your treatment room, you can enjoy the panoramic view out one of our large windows which open up to a scene of Sugar Land and its beautiful pecan trees.

Next you will meet Dr. Stuart Rimes. He will make a quick exam of your smile and discuss what you would like to have altered. Dr. Rimes will take all the time necessary to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns. At the end of this appointment we hope you will schedule the date and time for your treatment.

During this life changing treatment, you are in complete control. This means we will take breaks as often as you want and provide you anything within our power. Things like stereo, cable television, movies, headphones, blanket, and even complete sedation (for the very nervous or fearful patient) are all made available to insure your absolute comfort.

Dr. Rimes and his staff are never in a rush because during this time you are important to him. The day after your procedure Dr. Rimes will call just make certain you are feeling great. A comment that he quite often hears at this time is “If I had known it would be this easy I would have done this years ago!”

So what’s holding you back? Isn’t it time you pampered yourself?