Over the years, Stuart Rimes and the staff at his Sugar Land dentistry practice have collected information on a number of dentistry related mobile apps, both practical and fun in nature. Here are some of our more popular ones:
Brush DJ

Brush DJ

Free dental mobile app that allows our patients to play music from their own (or a pre-set) playlist of songs. We encourage all of our patients to brush for 2 minutes, and this is a great motivational tool to help achieve good oral hygiene.

Dental Expert

Free dental mobile app that helps our patients understand dental procedures, what to do in a dental emergency, how to prevent bad breath, and proper oral hygiene. It gives patients the answers they are looking for in all aspects of dentistry.
Dental Phobia App

Dental Phobia

Dental mobile app that allows our patients options to help ease their fears of dental procedures. Some of the coping strategies include relaxation techniques and information about different forms of sedation.
Call Tooth Fairy App

Call Tooth Fairy Voicemail and Text

Dental mobile app that gives you direct contact with the Tooth Fairy. This is the perfect app for our younger dental patients, and parents say it helps motivate their kiddos to have better oral hygiene.
Virtual Dentist App

Virtual Dentist

Dental mobile app that allows you to upload your photo and try out a variety of dental treatments on yourself. You can see what you would look like with braces, veneers, or whiter teeth, all in the comfort of your own home.