Who knew that your smile could make you look younger … Or older? Dental procedures can actually affect the age at which you are perceived. Think about it, your smile plays a major role in your appearance. That’s because your teeth create an illusion, which can make you look better or worse. For example, if you have a long or oval face, long teeth will make it appear elongated and more drawn, while a round face with long teeth would appear slimmer. On the contrary, front teeth that are too wide or too straight across can make that round face appear fatter. Teeth that are off-center, have gaps or are fang-shaped can be distracting, causing people to look away from your eyes and focus much more on your mouth and teeth.
The bottom line? Don’t forget your smile when you’re considering cosmetic changes. It can make other procedures you’re having look better and might even make them unnecessary. If Mother Nature didn’t give you a smile that complements your face, getting one is possible, thanks to cutting-edge dental and prosthodontics technology, state-of-the-art materials and advanced dental procedures and techniques. Today, it’s easy to get a grin that looks as natural as if you were born with it – even if you bought it.

Before & After Smile:

Dental Proceedures make you look younger - After photo of Sugar Land Dentist, Stuar Rimes, dental procedure

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