Not only is color science important in how you dress and how it makes you feel, it also can affect the perceived whiteness of your teeth depending on what shade of lipstick you wear.

Here are some examples:

1) Reds and Berry hues, enhance your smile the best.

2) Blue and Violet undertones help counter the yellowish tints, making your teeth appear whiter.

3) Shiny Nude Gloss tends to give a reflective illusion that makes your teeth look healthy.

Stay away from lip shades that are Orange, Black, Neon, and Frosty Pale Pinks. They all compliment the yellow tones in your teeth.

Of course, there are a number of tooth whitening products available, if you decide to whiten your teeth and not have to worry about your lipstick color. Dr. Stuart Rimes is available to discuss the different whitening options available for you, so call us at 281.313.1565 when the lipstick trick just isn’t enough.